Keeping You At Home was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1997 by a nurse and a caregiver who were dissatisfied with the quality of care that the aging population was receiving in long-term care facilities. It appeared that the resident's quality of life had diminished... they no longer felt connected to the community and had lost all hope for a future.

The healthcare duo was committed to making a change!
After researching various options, we discovered that the majority of people just wanted to stay at home. So that became our goal, to provide quality services that will... keep people at home.. keep families together and will keep individuals connected to their commuities.
After several years of providing care solely to the aging population we started receiving request from the community asking that we expand our services to non-senior citizen individuals, because they wanted our help too.
At that point we opened our doors to anyone who needed our help.
Our company is built on the foundation of true love for man-kind, respect for life, integrity and honesty. We do not discriminate. We accept individuals based on their needs, not race, religion, sexual orientation or creed.
" Committed to Empowering... Striving for Excellence"
Keeping You At Home
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